1000 Miles

by Steve on June 26, 2009

A big number no matter what mode of transportation you use but 1000 miles in a bark canoe?  Erik Simula set out April 22 2009 from Grand Portage State Park on a journey of many historic “trails”, some passages lost to another day and time when long distance travel by canoe was the norm.  He’s already knocked out about 700 miles and is in the home stretch – if you can possibly call facing 46 more portages (carry all your gear including the boat from one body of water to the next) a downhill run.

Arrowhead Journey

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Kath June 26, 2009 at 8:46

HOLY MUD!! That is amazing. The planning, the preparation that had to go into that trip, let alone now he’s doing it!

I looked at all of his pictures and, of course, his dog is so cute. But I saw that he’s not just along for the ride, he gets to be a pack dog, too. Altho, the dog seems pretty comfy in that canoe.

I wish him the best of luck on a great trip.

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