Trap Line

by Steve on August 22, 2009

Every few years we seem to get invaded by cute little field mice. Cute until they take up residence inside the house. Last time they gained entry through the garage and followed the pipes up into the house. They watched TV with us and even checked on me one night while I was in the bathroom. One by one their number was reduced to zero, removed with extreme prejudice.

Yesterday morning I found evidence that the little rodents had penetrated the outer perimeter: the bottom corners of the screen doors on the deck had been chewed ever so slightly to enlarge the gap between them, small shavings left behind.

“Maybe Moose did it,” she said hopefully. I pointed to some residual puppy damage from Moose’s early days when he weighed a mere fraction of his current 104 pounds. “No chunks or tooth marks,” I replied. “They’re back.”

With three Labs in the back yard our property is decidedly a cat-free zone.

Moose: “Damn skippy!”

Me: “Who invited you in here? Quit drooling on my shoulder!”

As I was saying, cats don’t dare venture inside the wire which means that squirrels and chipmunks roam freely without fear. Apparently they have invited their cousins back for a visit. Well, once the boys were kenneled for the night I went about setting traps on the deck figuring the rodents were after the dog food and industrial sized milk bones that we keep in metal cans out there. I set three total and managed not to get my fingers in the process. This morning two were successfully sprung and the third was untouched. Maybe I got the recon scouts and the main force will forage elsewhere.

Moose: “They were after my food? Oh hell no!”


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Kath August 22, 2009 at 16:03

See, at my house, the cat brings the rodents inside — if I WOULD LET HER!

She did get a bird in a couple weeks ago, but during MUCH screeching on my part and yelling at her, I tried dragging the rug by the merest tips of my fingers outside, across the patio, across the back yard and over to the woods, where I attempted to flip the rug over — yeah, let me just say the whole thing was a freaking disaster!!

And after all that, damn bird was dead anyway.

Only reason she dropped it on the hall rug was bec. she was getting ready to take it upstairs. (Shudder.)

She loves to catch moles and those she brings to the back door and drops them there for me.

I can barely even talk about her snake in the kitchen episode. ICK!!!

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