Moose’s Day

by Steve on September 23, 2009


I’ve been getting a lot of grief lately for my schedule so I thought I’d post it for public scrutiny.  Here goes:

0001: Sort of sleeping unless there’s a reason not to, real or imagined.

0200: Check the other igloos, see if I can sneak up on one of the brothers and WOOF in their ear (unless Boss put that stupid bark collar on me – thinks I haven’t figured it out!)  Fake sleep if lights come on.

0400: Another bed check.

0500: Hose down the fence ’cause I like the smell.  Start pacing.

0600: Watch for signs of life in the house.

0615: If still no lights, WOOF.

0620: See above x2.

0620ish: As soon as the back door opens make an ass out of myself.  Drool on the old guys, they hate that.

0621: Attempt to slam the gate into Boss and act innocent.  Point at the old yellow guy.

0622: Race around the yard stealing bones.

0625: Business… you know!

0626: Crash the door for my milk bones (I get two ’cause I need ’em).

0630-0700: Sniff… everything.

0715: Now that everyone’s up I can rest.  Settle in on the deck for my morning nap.

0730-1030: Sleep.

1030-1130: Sniff, pee, repeat.

1130-1500: Dig around under the deck and sleep some more.

1500-1600: Go for a dip in the nasty garden pond ’cause it makes me smell good and bark at the school bus.

1600-1700: Listen for mail and UPS, occaisonally pounce on the meter reader ’cause he carries snacks!

1700-1800: Pace for my dinner.

1801: Eat.

1802: Burp and scratch.

1803: Business… always on the grass, never in the pine straw.  That mowing machine sure hates the big dumps!

1830-2100: Sleep but be ever vigilent in case there’s crotches to be sniffed.  Always a crowd pleaser.

2200: Wake up to go “kennel”.  Never have understood that – just leave me be.

2200-2400: Dream… loudly!  I get a great echo in the igloo.

That’s pretty much it!

Ed: Going on four years and his sleep cycle is still opposite mine except for duck season.  Go figure.

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