by Steve on October 2, 2009

They hum in the background largely ignored, enabling our net surfing, email, and all things on the web. We scarcely think about them since they reside with ISP’s and hosting services – until they crash taking years of work with them. Friend and fellow Navy blogger Pinch went off the air a few days ago. At first he thought it was a temporary thing but he reported this morning it was worse than he initially thought. I know several people that follow The Woodshed also follow so I thought I’d relay.

My Instapinch blog died…catastrophic server failure at the hosting company and the guy didn’t have off-site backup. Brilliant. So, hope to be back up this coming week with version 2! No archives, so it’ll be a fresh start.

I’m off to do a full back-up…

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Steve October 4, 2009 at 23:15

Pinch is back up… He probably won’t think that’s funny.

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