Time Out

by Steve on November 20, 2009

The weather’s getting colder, the dogloos have straw in them, and the Moose is frisky. More so than normal and that’s enough. At 105 pounds of pure linebacker he out-weighs the other two by 25 pounds and naturally assumes he’s the alpha just based on gross tonnage, never mind that he’s the junior of the crew. Crash, the ten-year-old “I’m gonna get the duck!” puppy naturally assumes he’s the alpha based on seniority. He came by his name quite honestly and has the battle scars to prove it. That dog will attempt to go through or over anything rather than deviate around an obstacle or cover. His neoprene hunting vest has a ballistic nylon chest protector and it’s full of rips and holes. You have to be careful when you give him a line to take.

In the yard, he’s not about to take any crap off the youngster even if he is bigger and tougher. The attitudes and recent cold snaps have brought on some clashes, the most recent this morning. Both running at full tilt were neck and neck going into turn 3 which squeezes down between a big oak and the fence. There was some bumping and tempers flared. They never go at it for long and the old man always comes out on top but Moose’s teeth are just short of four years old and not dulled by age so Crash always ends up with some new holes in his snout.  Moose’s extra skin usually defends against the old man’s dull canines but he’s got his share of scars as well.

By the time I got out the back door it was over but Moose still had his hair up and gave me his look, “He started it!” Not buying it bud. After some eyeball-to-eyeball yelling in my best Marine DI impersonation, he got sent to lock-down.

Moose: “But he…”

Boss: “Shut it!”

Moose: “I….”

Boss: “No more! Don’t make me come in there!”

After he cooled off and was forced to sit at the open gate for a few moments (re-establishing control), I turned him loose. As soon as I started for the house I heard a deep but barely audible rumble from his chest. I spun on him and had him eyeball-to-eyeball again before he knew what hit him.

Moose: “Okay, okay. You’re the alpha, I GET it!”

Boss: “Damn right, I’m also the one that decides who goes to the duck blind and don’t you forget it.”

Moose: “I’m number two around here then?”

Boss: “Go discuss it with the Old Man. And don’t go licking the Neosporin off his nose.”


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MissBirdlegs in AL November 24, 2009 at 18:15

Enjoyed this one. Your Moose outweighs me by about 12 lbs, and probably close to as tall. 🙂 He’d be the alpha in my yard.

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