Spot the Republican

by Steve on December 13, 2009

Dec09 Snow Dogs-23web
The old man is seriously working to find the bone I threw into the snow-covered bush.  The other two?  They let him do all the work…

Dec09 Snow Dogs-27web
… and then mug him.

Dec09 Snow Dogs-28web
You can tell what the black dog is thinking but he doesn’t have the speed.

Crash: “Now wait just a damn minute!”

Boss: “It’s called redistribution – get used to it.  Fair?  No, not really.  But it’s for the greater good.”

Moose: “Don’t hate the playuh, hate the game!”

Crash: “I do hate the game and don’t go getting all ghetto on me – besides the genetically darker one might take offense.”

Moose: “He’s missing teeth and he’s slow, I can take him!”

Crash: “But he’s crazy! You ever wake up at night with him standing over you and all you can see is eyeballs and teeth?”

Moose: “Kinda spooky I’ll admit…”

Houlton: “You know I can hear you guys right?”

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frances December 14, 2009 at 18:25

I love it!!!

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