First Coat

by Steve on December 16, 2009


Brushed on the first coat of spar varnish on the interior of the Old Town Guide.  It was a little chilly out tonight to properly ventilate the garage so I might be suffering from a fume-induced buzz.  At least the good stuff has a pleasant smell to it unlike the cheap stuff I sealed the outside with a few days ago.  The wife came home to a gassed-out house and wanted to know what in the world I’d done.  It was pretty bad.  I had some Cabot brand spar varnish left over from the front door and since it’s about half the cost of the Petit Z-Spar marine grade stuff I use on the interior of the canoes I decided I’d brave the wrath of Renee and use the “stinky stuff” to seal the planking.  Couldn’t see using the good stuff on the outside where it will get covered with canvas anyway.

Squeezing a brush into the bow and stern is the difficult part.  I’ve found it’s easier with the boat turned upside down and my head and arm tucked up under it.  Don’t want to stay under there for long or you will get high!  Did the ends and then rolled her upright to do the rest.

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DonaldMac December 16, 2009 at 21:42

Steve –

No matter what varnish you decide on using, if you or Renee have a gas fired dryer…DO NOT USE THE DRYER while there’s varnish fumes in the house. No, it will not blowup, but create an incredible stink (non-scientific phrase) throughout the house.

BTDT, even had the gas company guy come out and ‘splain this to us.


PS – Liking the dogs stories. Reminds me of some of Sam’s antics. Phantom the dalmatian is getting used to not having Samantha around. Gonna be a while getting used to not seeing her.

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