by Steve on December 31, 2009

After over twelve hours on the road, through snow, rain, several gas stations, rest stops, and countless other odoriferous places, I arrived home from my holiday travels and was mugged by my three labs. It seems the scent of my parents’ new (to us) female Golden puppy was still strong, as if I had walked out the door in PA and been magically transported in the door in AL (I wish!).

Houlton, the black lab mix, had his nose glued to my ankles. “Who is she? Huh? Huh? Huh?”

Crash, the old man, inquisitively snorted around my knees. “Where is she? Hmmmmmm?”

Then there was Moose. “How you doin?”

Boss: “Get your nose out of my ass or I’ll take you to the doc and get your jewels removed!”

Moose: “Hey, hold on man! You come home smelling all strange and pretty and it’s somehow my fault?”

Boss: “Do I look any different? Do I look like something you should mount?”

Moose: “Come here and let me give it another go…”

Boss: “That’s it… Kennel!”

Moose: “What? What did I do?”

Boss: “Just control yourself will ya?”

Moose: “Do you remember your teenage years?”

Boss: “Just go!”

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Andi Mapes December 31, 2009 at 15:42

Is anyone as concerned as I with regard to talkin’ dogs? Hope your folks are well. Happy New Year.

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