Spell Check

by Steve on January 4, 2010

Moose: “Why is it that Outlook’s spell check function wants to replace Obama with Osama?”

Boss: “Why is it that you’re in my Outlook?  Could this explain the call I got from White House Security the other day?”

Moose: “I wouldn’t know about that.”

Boss: “I take pity on you guys ’cause it’s cold out and you come in here abusing your privileges on the computer – this is the thanks I get?”

Moose: “That and flatulence…  Ah, about the invites to the State Dinner that may or may not show up in the mail – I got a little carried away.  One of your Outdoor Photographer mags was laying around and I saw the name Moose Peterson.  Anyway, I’ll need to borrow your black bow tie and the Canon.

Boss: “…”

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