WFB on the Role of Government

by Steve on January 8, 2010

From The Reagan I Knew: [Emphasis is mine]

The Reagan years accustomed us to a mood about life and about government.  There were always the interruptions, the pot-holes of life.  But Ronald Reagan had strategic vision.  He told us that most of our civic problems were problems brought on or exacerbated by government, not problems that could be solved by government. That of course is enduringly true.  Only government can cause inflation, preserve monopoly, and punish enterprise.  On the other hand it is only a government leader who can put a stamp on the national mood.  One refers not to the period of Shakespeare, but to the period of Elizabeth.  Reagan’s period was brief, but he did indeed put his stamp on it.  He did this in part because he was scornful of the claims of omnipotent government, in part because he felt, and expressed, the buoyancy of the American Republic.

Amen, brother. May you rest in peace.

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/Frances Emmerke January 8, 2010 at 16:10

We need to really know who we are voting for come November.

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