Bringing it Home

by Steve on February 14, 2010

Canada finally scores a gold medal at home with the top run in the men’s moguls competition. I love winter sports, skiing and boarding in particular, but moguls were always something to be avoided even in my younger days when speed was life. Watching Alexandre Bilodeau hit the bumps on the very edge of control made my legs burn – I think I have a stress fracture in my left ankle just from watching! Skiing a mountain that requires a mouth guard for your teeth tells me I need to find a different line down the hill. These kids are insane. Catch an edge and you’ll slam into a wall of ice and snow or bounce off a couple of bumps before planting into one. Either way it’s going to hurt.

Well done Alex – and a hearty congratulations to the host country of the 2010 winter games. Just be sure to send Al Gore home once you’re done – we need to straighten out this global warming climate change thing. Trucking snow to the mountains of Canada and watching it rain while it snows (twice!) in Alabama is just wrong.

More on the gold here.


Bill Gray February 15, 2010 at 7:57

I have read several of your articles at different times. I’ve been impressed each time. You may have missed your true calling. I look forward to checking in from time to time for more…………BG>

Steve February 15, 2010 at 21:43

Thanks Bill, I’m working on it!

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