by Steve on March 15, 2010

The downfall of modern American society – can’t live with it and apparently I can’t live without it.  I’m one of the people the big banks hate because I (almost) never carry a balance.  If you’ve been paying attention to your statements you’ve probably noticed that the interest rates on your plastic have crept up into the realm once reserved for loan sharks.  Must be to pay for all those bonuses we’ve been hearing about.  I have four major cards which, by today’s standards, is far short of a full deck.  One because of the points to be had, another for the free shipping from my favorite retailer, another tied to my insurance carrier, and the 4th was likely due to some incredibly low rate it used to carry.

I was all set to cancel at least two of them just because the rates were hacking me off, I don’t carry them, and don’t need them.  I don’t want them – time to simplify.  CINCHOUSE informed me that if I followed through on my credit diet I would take a hit on my/our credit report – for closing credit accounts.  Plus, she further warned, as a result of the sub-prime morass, you now must have three lines of credit with recent activity in order to qualify for a mortgage.  “Are we planning on moving?” I asked.  “Contingencies,” she replied.  These days you just never know what’s coming next.  So these new government regulations designed to protect us from the greedy scum that dragged us into the cesspool dictate that I should keep accounts that I don’t agree with or intend to use.

Big government at its best.  Makes me feel even better about my healthcare that’s about to be federalized.  Ever watched an avalanche as it gains mass?  Have you seen the tangled mess at the bottom of the mountain once it has played out?  I just hope the big dog with the brandy finds me first.

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