by Steve on April 17, 2010

The Shed is having some issues.  There’s something amiss with the site sub-pages – if you try to open any of the image galleries you get a blank page.  Not sure what happened – they were working for about 24 hours after I uploaded them.

Code is poetry my a$$.

Ironically this blog is a sub directory of my site, which comes up blank, yet the blog pulls up fine.  Go figure.  It’s in the hands of the geeks now.

**UPDATE** 04/17 21:25 CST – I reloaded the files for the Indy and Canoe galleries and they seem to be working fine again.  Still not sure what caused the problem so I left the Portfolio gallery alone for the geeks to analyze.

**UPDATE**  04/18 06:15 CST – Down again!

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Steeljaw Scribe April 20, 2010 at 20:29

Ah yes — code is indeed poetry, but then, so was Dante’s Inferno… 😉
w/r, SJS

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