Minor Details

by Steve on June 7, 2010

You would think Reuters learned their lesson after the photoshop episode involving air strikes against Beirut back in 2006. You would be wrong.

The Reuters news agency has been accused of removing images of activists wielding weapons and bloodied and wounded Israeli naval commandos from photographs taken on board a ship headed for Gaza during deadly clashes last week.

Actually they didn’t remove the images they just cropped the edges and in so doing they cut out the knife in the hand of the peace activist. Twice. This completely changed the context of the images but fear not, it was unintentional.

Reuters on Monday rejected accusations of biased coverage, adding that it had reverted to the use of “the original set” of images, once the organization realized that the photographs it had published had been cropped.

You be the judge. There are two sets of before and after images, scroll arrows are in the margins of the image displayed.

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