by Steve on July 12, 2010

One of Moose’s real brothers (not the two he’s forced to live with) got his picture taken while perched in his favorite spot this weekend.

As you might imagine this caused all kinds of problems with the big brown mutt.

Moose: “He’s on the table? I get in trouble for getting in your chair or on the bed when, I might add, nobody is using them. And I see you invite the old guy to use your chair – don’t think I’m missing that.”

Me: “He’s old, he needs the padding. Besides you don’t fit, you hang out all over.”

Moose: “Okay, okay – let’s get back to Moab on the table. People eat off it and look what he’s rubbing all over it!”

Me: “His house, his rules. You try that and we’re going to have a discussion.”

Moose: “Fine. How come he gets a whole lake and all I get is that slimy green garden pond? And it’s fake, did you realize that? It’s not even a real waterfall.”

Me: “What was your first clue?”

Moose: “When I pee in the lower pool the top of the waterfall tastes funny.”

Me: ”      “

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