by Steve on July 25, 2010

Camp has a different meaning up here in Maine. It has nothing to do with sending the kids off. A camp can be on a lake, a stream, or just off in the middle of the woods. It can be a tent site, a converted storage shed, a simple cabin, or something larger – it’s a place to get away, to escape. As you might have guessed from the last post, we’ve done just that. I left all the computers behind but did bring the Blackberry just in case one of my customers decided to actually buy something. It’s uncanny how they know when I go on vacation. Just before I left I loaded WordPress for Blackberry which didn’t give me any time to test for problems. Attaching image files seems to be one function that is problematic so you’ll have to wait for multimedia version. Maybe I’ll get it figured out but right now there’s fishing that needs doing. Priorities…

Note: I tried to attach one – we’ll see what happens.

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