by Steve on August 21, 2010

Ever wonder just how many passwords you own? The hellish way to find out is to get a new computer and then try to load all your critical software. And get the new machine talking to your home network. Then make the file transfer thingy work. Swap over email accounts.

You get the picture. It’s kind of like cleaning out your closet and the garage – with your wife watching!

When I’m finally through, this new Gateway (Intel i3 core, 4GB DDR3 memory, 500 GB drive, 64 bit, Windows 7 OS) lighter-faster-thinner slice of already outdated technology will replace the ancient tower wheezing away under the desk (upgraded to 500MB of memory and 100GB drive) and the old laptop that has developed a mind of its own. Peripherals such as displays, keyboard, mouse, etc. will remain to simulate a larger machine. The old laptop will be headed down to the shop and slowly choke on dust until the display finally craps out. The tower will be stripped and the newer components that kept it on life support sold off.

Even ended up with a new Canon all-in-one printer for less than the cost of ink cartridges (Canon promo today) so if anyone’s in the market for a Lexmark 6170 or Epson R300 (photo printer), let me know. I have a couple of Canon film bodies that I haven’t touched in years if anyone still shoots film.

The cameras I can understand – they’ve been through a lot with me and have sentimental value but some of the stuff I’ve uncovered in my quest for disks and serial numbers really has me wondering if I need an intervention.

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