by Steve on September 11, 2010

Opportunity cost is normally a term associated with economics. In this case I’m going to twist it a bit, opportunity lost, and attach it to a hard loss: lives that never were. Nine years ago America was attacked by terrorists – as a nation we seem too willing to forget that fact. We lost almost 3000 souls nine years ago today. But that loss was a snapshot, not a dynamic look – how was our future affected by that loss? How many souls yet to be conceived were stricken from history along with their yet-to-be parents? What impact will these shattered family trees have on our lives? How many more will perish down the road because a future doctor, fireman, police officer, or Marine was erased? 

What might have been had the 3000 returned home that evening? Unfortunately we’ll never know. Take a moment to reflect and remember. For if we allow ourselves to forget what happened to the soul of America on September 11th then we have betrayed the fallen and the grand experiment is doomed.

Semper Vigilantes.

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