by Steve on October 29, 2010

Since I don’t think much of Jon Stewart or “The Daily Show” I didn’t see the interview with the President on Wednesday but now I’m laughing. That Obama would appear on such a platform in an attempt to appeal to the younger crowd says much about the man. The way in which Stewart disrespected a sitting President says even more about the decay of our younger society, the very people Obama was trying to reach. By the way, I’m not laughing at the President or Stewart, I’m laughing at the sorry state of American politics: we get what we vote for and I for one can sleep at night.

Mr. Obama showed up on “The Daily Show” to make an appeal to the program’s young, well-educated audience, which he considers part of his base. When the president defended his former economic adviser by saying, “Larry Summers did a heckuva job,” Mr. Stewart interjected, “You don’t want to use that phrase, dude.”

The President on “The Daily Show” which is largely satirical and sarcastic; somehow it seems very appropriate and yet inappropriate. I wonder which member of the brain trust came up with this idea? The article’s closing is so predictable – I’m thinking there may be an opening in the PR department.

It’s hard to convince the American people that your party is not a joke when comedians become your most visible supporters. Mocking conservative activists who have been motivated to get involved in politics out of legitimate fears for the future of the country will only motivate them to greater efforts to stuff it right back in the smirking faces of the liberal wisecrackers. Our nation is in trouble, and America isn’t laughing, dude.

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