Message to Washington

by Steve on November 3, 2010

The people have spoken and clearly are dissatisfied with the governance of the Democratic party in general, more specifically we are not pleased with runaway spending and expansion of the Federal machine into areas where it has no consitutional mandate.  We have put Republicans back in control and expect a lot out of you – simply blocking continued stupidity will not suffice.  You have two years to set the wheels back in motion and get government back under control.  Disenchanted conservatives stood behind you this time because they knew that standing alone would have been suicide but make no mistake, you were selected as the lesser of two evils.  Get to work rebuilding this nation or in two years you will be tossed out as well.  If politics as usual continues and we stagnate or worse through 2012 there will be a historic election unlike any before it and we the people will take back the government we have entrusted you with as it is our constitutional right and duty to do so.

Consider yourself served.  Now get to work!

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