BCS Foolishness

by Steve on January 6, 2011

As we approach Monday’s game, traffic headed into Arizona is causing all kinds of problems.

To make matters worse it’s the middle of duck season which has created all kinds of confusion among Auburn fans who assumed they were going to watch football AND get to go hunting. Oregon fans are rethinking their headgear after overhearing southerners talking about shooting their limit of green-heads.  Law enforcement decided to set up amnesty booths outside the stadium to collect all the shotguns but had to scrap that idea when the local immigrant population misunderstood what was being forgiven. It’s a bloody mess!

H/T to Katy for the undoctored image!

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Pinch January 7, 2011 at 7:03

*UN*doctored? Shirley, you most certainly are joking! Its really the line-up of applicants who want to apply for Alabama’s Defensive Coordinator position – I mean if a 24-0 lead ain’t enough to win a game…

I’m just sayin’!!!

But as I told Katy, that pic, if it AIN’T true, should be!

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