Energy Policy

by Steve on March 5, 2011

We are nowhere near a viable alternative to fossil fuels for our massive energy needs. Even if we were able to replace 50% of the internal combustion engines in use with electric vehicles tomorrow we would simply be swapping coal for gas since most of our power generation comes from coal-fired plants. Barring some as yet unknown technological breakthrough, it will be a long process to replace fossil fuels in our energy diet. Meanwhile we need to be smart about how we use what we have and take full advantage of all domestic sources of oil and gas in order to insulate ourselves from the madmen that can cripple our economy with the turn of a valve.

It is beyond absurd that a country sitting on so much natural wealth refuses to exploit it for the benefit of its citizens and instead deliberately puts the nation in the position of being subjected to the whims of others and face national insolvency.  It almost appears to be deliberate.

Makes you think.

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