Boat Therapy

by Steve on April 24, 2011

There is nothing – absolutely nothing – half so much worth doing as simply messing about in boats.

Keneth Grahame, The Wind in the Willows

Absolutely. There is no better cure for the week than running, tinkering, cleaning, or just messing about in boats. Lady Elizabeth is a traditionally planked boat that’s been out of the water for a while. Launching was postponed two weekends in a row due to a locked up electric fuel pump and a delay in getting the replacement but finally she was ready. Her owner, a trusting friend with a hectic schedule, said he couldn’t stand waiting a few more weeks and asked if I would mind getting her back in the water. He didn’t have to ask twice.

The Lady’s seams are still tight but you can tell she’s been out for a while. She soaked all weekend, passed her shakedown, got a thorough cleaning, and moved into her bay in the boathouse. Her roommate, Merlin, also got cleaned up and plenty of exercise as the resupply vessel – why go by car when you can go by boat?

I’m tired, sunburned, and stiff from hanging upside down over an engine (the fuel pump was mounted way down toward the bottom of the block). In other words, I’m happy.

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