Bagged, Tagged, and Dumped

by Steve on May 3, 2011

Obama can take all the credit he wants to – I don’t care. I’m sure political benefits, approval ratings and such were entered into the equation that ultimately produced the green light for the SEALs – again, I don’t care. Actually it would be ironic if it was politics that finally pushed the oval to do more than vote present. Unlike the last democrat in residence, Obama made the call and for that he gets a respectful nod. Clinton was too busy golfing the last time we had the rat in the crosshairs but much has happened since then to rachet up the urgency. Still, well done coaches and a heartfelt thanks to the warriors who slid down the ropes into harm’s way. No trial, no spectacle, and thanks to a quick burial at sea, no grave for the crazed masses to claim.

The target location concerns me. This was no remote mountain cave. OBL was resting comfortably at a posh (by local standards) safe house within an urban area of Pakistan. People had to know he was there. We knew he was there (the truth regarding how long we knew and just how we found out will likely never be told but it was a highly probable combination of making certain individuals very uncomfortable while guests of the CIA and large sums of money donated to OBL’s host country). Pakistan has some serious explaining to do.

I’m sure some civil rights got violated and am confident the US Attorney General is already on the case. In my opinion you must first be civil for such rights to apply and the AG has no jurisdiction on the battlefield. Our Special Forces won this one in a big way: they bagged public enemy #1 without any losses of their own. Thank God we have such people ready and willing to serve.

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