The Long and Short of it

by Steve on June 3, 2011

It was a short 4-day work week that felt like 10. Maybe it was the 100 degree heat in early June making me dread what July and August have in store. Or could it have been the pundits swearing $5 per gallon gas will be here before the end of the summer? I’m sure traffic on US-280 didn’t help or trying to close deals on equipment that won’t ship for 4-6 months. The politicians squabling over the trainwreck like vultures on roadkill didn’t improve my attitude either.

I can’t control the weather and I don’t personally know any of the speculators that trade up the price of oil without ever touching a drop. Traffic is beyond my influence and manufacturing lags way behind sales so there’s nothing for me to do there. But I can vote and write.

Who knows what will happen next year or next week for that matter. I’ve pretty much given up worrying about the end or a collosal crash. If it comes there’s nothing I can do but be prepared to bug out for higher ground.

I make the most of each day, enjoy time with family and friends, and continue to pursue my dreams with the accelerated motivation and arthritis that come with being just a couple short of the half-centurian mark. To paraphrase Buffett (Jimmy), I’ve got boats to rebuild. The rest of this mess can rot at least until Monday.

Carpe diem!

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