Hot Nuts

by Steve on July 25, 2011


“Peanut Point” on Lake Martin. You won’t find it on a map but the locals all know it by that name. An aquatic drive-through of sorts, it’s situated on a point (naturally) across from a island on a pass so narrow and shallow you can walk it without getting your shirt wet.

Pull up to the nice beach, jump out and buy a bag of that southern beer snack available in regular or Cajun flavor. I prefer the spicy ones since regular hot boiled peanuts aren’t really a flavor thing as much as a texture that I’ve never grown used to even though I’ve lived in the south for over 20 years. Certain things just shouldn’t be boiled. Nuts and okra come to mind.

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Caroline Rather Clark July 25, 2011 at 7:22

What a fun day Mark and I had with you visiting peanut point. I think “Merlin” enjoyed it as well. Pretty much can guarantee that that is the first wood boat to visit the point!

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