by Steve on November 28, 2011


I don’t think it ever got above 40 degrees today. Gray, cold, and a light rain that is still coming down. They’re even calling for snow. In November. In Alabama.

I didn’t give the forecast much chance until I found the old guy with his nose to the heater!

Just a year or so ago this kind of weather would have him wired and scanning for ducks. He used to think breaking ice was a great game. I guess he’s officially retired. This season will be a tough one for several reasons. I’m not sure what will be harder on him: being left at home or hanging around camp while the hunt takes place without him. At least he can’t hear the guns in the distance these days. His body and senses may not be what they once were but that pig-headed drive that earned him the name “Crash” is still there.

He’d go if I asked him. It’s what he does. Lots of fun memories of teeth chattering, improbable retrieves, and human-like looks of absolute disgust when I missed a shot. Now he takes pleasure in stealing my chair whenever the opportunity presents itself. Payback I suppose – he’s earned it.

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