by Steve on December 12, 2011

My hosting provider tells me it’s time for the annual check so in an effort to clean things up a bit and save a few bucks, I’ll be dropping the old domain name where the Wood Shed was originally loaded:  It’s a domain I really don’t use any more, my photography needs are handled through my Smugmug account.  Plus since I figured out the trick of subdomains I can run everything I need to off

But I digress – the only effect this will have on the readership is finding the site since the URL will change.  Depending on how you access the Wood Shed you may have to resave to your favorites or reload the RSS feed. Facebook users shouldn’t have to do a thing. Moving the Shed will happen sometime over the next few days so if you get some error message just type in and that should get you back. If that doesn’t work then I’ve brought the whole house down – try again tomorrow. 

Standby for heavy rolls and batten down the hatches! Why the Navy metaphor you ask? I’ll undoubtedly be cussing like a sailor throughout this process.  See you on the other side (I hope).

Other tech notes: bought myself a little early Christmas present: is now mine. Those of you that have been following the canoe business as there is no need to change anything, both point to the same server.

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