Going Forward

by Steve on January 3, 2012

Seems like the old clutch has been slipping, forward progress hasn’t been what it could have been. As my grandkids continually prove, I’m not getting any younger. There will come a day when I can’t climb mountains or run rivers and I’ll have to be content with telling them the stories from back when, trying in vain to describe the sights, smells, and sounds of the earth and sea. If I’m lucky I’ll still be capable of doing such things in another ten years or so when they’re old enough to come along for the ride.

How many times do you catch yourself saying “maybe next year I’ll…”? Well it IS next year and if we’re not careful the last digit will roll over again without any checks on the bucket list. The trick is balancing responsibilities with actually living. The Amerian model of punching the clock for 45 years and then enjoying yourself is a lie. You won’t be physically capable of doing half the things you looked forward to from your cube. Besides who knows what will happen in the next decade or two. The planet could melt slowly or the Iranians might take care of it in a blink, gas prices could climb out of reach before we develop an alternate energy source, or you could get called up to the big league.

Make sure you enjoy the trip before you get there. That means different things for all of us but one thing is for sure, whatever is in front of you is not in the rearview mirror. Spend enough time in hard-to-get-to places and you’ll find they all share a version of the same attitude towards life: slow down and enjoy the moment.

Carpe diem!

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