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by Steve on February 21, 2012

As I was getting my hair cut this afternoon I couldn’t help but notice a disturbing majority of the girls working in the shop, including the owner, were sporting tattoos. Just in case my girl happens to read this I’ll admit hers are small, discrete, and conservative if it’s even possible to classify body art as such. If I end up sporting a Mohawk next month you’ll know what happened.

I was surrounded by enough raw material for a Seinfeld episode – there’s nothing that says “angel” like wings on your shoulder blades. I really wanted to ask the canvas if she realized there was a buzzard peeking out her top but refrained. Tats used to be the domain of soldiers, sailors, Marines, loggers, and bikers. I don’t understand how or why ink became mainstream among young women. Age is generally not kind to the human body. Things sag, stretch, and grow. Remember silly putty and the Sunday comics? Press the putty over your favorite comic character and the ink would transfer, allowing you to stretch and manipulate the image like the circus house of mirrors.  Growth charts are fun for measuring the vertical sproutage of kids but beyond a certain age easily referenced indicators, especially on one’s body, are not a good idea. A cute hummingbird at 20 can become quite the ugly albatross once the AARP mailers start showing up.

Who would have thought way back when that my Avionics Technicians on the flight deck of USS Forrestal were 20 years ahead of the fashion world? (Easy guys – please note I tagged this post under the “humor” category. Besides, remember all those port calls where you mysteriously woke up back on the ship instead of a foreign jail cell?)


Rick Butler March 7, 2012 at 0:22

Hey LT, just catching up on some of your writing. I’ll have you know that as one of those former AT’s aboard The FID that my skin returned home to Ohio in the same pristine condition that it was in when I enlisted. I do remember a couple of “fuzzy” trips back to the ship, but I never woke up not knowing how I got there. 🙂 Take care

Steve March 9, 2012 at 9:40

Rick, great to hear from you! Don’t remember ever pouring you back aboard – they know who they are 😉

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