by Steve on March 20, 2012

A cloud is nothing more than visible moisture, capable of great destruction or simply disappearing at a whim. Apple should have named the iCloud for what it really is: iVapor. My Notes were in the cloud and now they are no more. The two hundred plus contacts that were in my Outlook have been reduced to twenty-somthing, only the ones I’ve added since dealing with the cloud. Where did the contacts go? They’re still in the cloud but I can’t get them back where they belong, and the Notes? Gone like vapor in the desert never to be seen again.

Thankfully I only straddled the fence separating the PC world from the forbidden fruit rather than a mass sellout from one to the other with all the software integration that’s in such a move. The iPhone and iPad have been nice in some ways and terribly frustrating in others. They are still computers designed, built, and maintained by humans and as such they are flawed. I was hoping for better but can’t say I’m surprised by the shortfalls. The technology designed to improve our lives over the last thirty years has never quite lived up to its promise. Remember the theory of the paperless office? Or when coffee makers only relied on power to heat water. Gravity and simple physics supplied the rest – there was no begging, pleading, or beating to coerce the smart machine to accomplish its one purpose in life.

Now it’s all in the cloud where you can grab it whenever you need it. Except when you absolutely must have it.

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Marcus Erroneous April 7, 2012 at 9:40

Sadly, you’re right. I have lost many addresses and contacts over the years due to upgrading the OS and losing my emails. But all of the addresses in my old Day Runner are just fine. On one hand I look at the iCloud thing as you get what you paid for, on the other hand, they’re asking you to trust them with your contacts and other information to supposedly prevent this from happening, yet let it happen. Yup, it’s free. But there’s an implied SLA on their part that obviously is lacking.

Thanks for scream testing it for me. 😉


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