Security Lapse

by Steve on July 18, 2012

G4S, a private security firm reponsible for the 2012 Summer Olympics, comes up short on staffing just days prior to the start of the games? How do you fumble on such a grand scale with years to ramp up? Testifying before Parliament, Nick Buckles, CEO, still feels his firm is entitled to full payment:

However, he made clear that he believed his firm was still entitled to its fee for managing the security arrangements for the Games. G4S holds a £284 million contract to provide security staff for the Games, which includes a £57 million “management fee”. Challenged to waive that fee, Mr Buckles insisted it should still be paid.

Balls, even for a Brit.


Tuna July 18, 2012 at 8:26

Apparently they would have been able to fill the original security requirements, somewhere in the 2K people range, but then the UK accepted a US security assessment which raised that requirement into the 10K-12K range and they couldn’t hire or manage that number of people. No gap though because the UK mobilized a ton of military.

Steve July 19, 2012 at 7:07

You would think a major adjustment like that would have been mentioned in the media coverage. Certainly a game changer. I’m also surprised Buckles didn’t push back against the grilling he took given that change in the requirements.

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