A Day in the Country

by Steve on August 21, 2012

Work put me on the road early today. Had to go over to Kemper County, MS to visit a power plant under construction. Quite an impressive site – more cranes than I’ve seen in one place since I don’t know when. Up at 04:30 and out the door by 05:00, on site a bit after 08:00 (the navigator missed a turn), and didn’t get out of there until well after noon. Plants are usually in the middle of nowhere and this one was no exception. Having spent much of my youth on construction sites I decided to pass on the sandwich truck in hopes of better down the road. I finally settled for gas station chicken in Scooba, MS. The choice had already been made for me since the locals had done a good job of consuming any other options save for a lone egg role under the lamp.

It really was a pretty day for a drive in the country – the chicken wasn’t bad and lack of cell coverage kept the smart phone stupid. You grow accustomed to seeing things on the road in the country that you just don’t get in the concrete jungle – tractors, all sorts of wagons, log trucks, etc. But I came upon something in the distance that I couldn’t make out. Erratic movement. Large animals of some sort, multiples even. Horseback riders? Nope, just two horses and an ass having a big time on their own and headed into town.

A little further down the county road I passed a green highway sign announcing that I was six miles from the Alabama State line. Odd, I thought. Is that a warning or a relief? I’m still not sure.

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