The Grand Experiment Continues

by Steve on November 7, 2012

Welcome to round two of life in the USSA. The sheeple have spoken and we continue our romp merrily towards the edge of the cliff.

The silver lining here, if there is one, is that the Democrats will have to finish what they started. No more blaming GW. They created this mess and now they must deal with implementing it and/or fixing it. Personally I think they are going to push the American people past the breaking point and there will be a huge backlash when America finds her spine again. But that’s just me, I could be wrong, I was yesterday.

At some point the lights will come on and the emporer will be naked. I just hope it’s not too late.

The real power rests with Congress and that is where we need to focus, to make real changes. The President can act a fool, but the only real immediate damage he can cause is as CINC by holding back warriors until it’s too late. Benghazi. The domestic stuff is the result of party policy although now that our man doesn’t have re-election hanging over his head things could get real funky in a hurry.

So let’s fix Congress, the critters really need our help. Ignore their pleas that everything is fine and they have it all under control, they most assuredly do not. How do we help them you ask?

  • Term limits. No more career politicians, we need citizen legislators who are in DC to serve others, not themselves.
  • No retirement, they get Social Security just like everyone else.
  • No more voting their own pay raise. Put them on the military pay scale equivalent to an appropriate rank and they get the same miniscule raises and cost of living adjustments as our soldiers and sailors.
  • All laws they pass apply equally to them. They get the same healthcare they impose on the rest of us.
  • Campaign finance reform (this applies across the board, not just to congressional races).

But then nobody would want to serve you say? I beg to differ. We would get people of character and limit their chances of being corrupted or tainted by the slime of DC. I don’t claim any of these ideas as my own, they’ve been kicked around for years now but for some reason we have failed to act on any of them. Time to get serious about it.

To my friends who got what they voted for, God bless you – you own it. I hope for all our sakes you turn out to be right and America is a better place down the road. I reserve my right to criticize your man and your party. I voted and therefore I earned that right. To the slackers on both sides that were too lazy to wait in line to cast a ballot: shut up and enjoy the ride. There are still many countries where going to the polls can be a life or death decision. The leaders of those countries would like nothing more than to see us fail.

Thankfully, regardless of who occupies the oval office, we can vote, shop, drink, worship, hunt, shoot, and live life without daily fear of being shot or blown up. We remain the land of the free and today for me is no different than yesterday. I hope I can say the same next month/year.

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