The Morning After

by Steve on November 8, 2012

It seems there was a second election, a reaffirmation that those facing the reduction side of the redistribution equation are not at all pleased with the results of November 6th. The next day the defeated voted again by tanking the DOW, taking it down over 300 points. It’s probably just a hiccup in the big picture but a solid reminder to the victor he does not have a mandate to screw with America. He got re-elected by a slim margin and would do well to remember that but then again, he no longer needs to worry about such petty things as approval ratings. He won his coveted second term and now the gloves can come off for there will not be a third. I just hope his legacy does not include a loaded Supreme Court bench for that could affect us for decades to come.

Other random thoughts inspired by the noise box this morning:

I find it interesting the same media machine that supported the One now is repeating the phrase “fiscal cliff” like a drunken parrot. It’s almost like they want it to happen.

Media news flash – Governor Christie is to blame for the GOP loss because he toured his ravaged state with POTUS and praised his support.  What? Um, no. President Obama got an overwhelming majority of the minority vote which begs the question: as a conservative white Christian male, am I now the new minority? Hmmm….

We live in interesting times indeed and, now that I enjoy minority status, I’m not to blame for whatever happens next although it looks like I’ll get the bill anyway.

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