Selective Censorship

by Steve on June 27, 2013

Paula Deen did what? She uttered racial slurs at some point during her life? And because our media and our culture are bound by such high standards we now must wipe any trace of her existence off our screens and shelves?

Personally I can’t stand the woman, her voice is like fingernails raked down a chalkboard to my ears. She is too sweet even by southern standards but I don’t think she deserves to be crucified for being human. We all have our faults, our bad moments, our occasional brilliant flashes of stupidity.

If Paula must go then let’s apply these same standards across the board to all forms of media and clean house. Have you never said anything cruel or demeaning? Congratulations, the Pope will be calling shortly followed by President Obama. Have I ever said anything derogatory? Unfortunately I believe I have – for I am prejudiced against stupidity of all colors, creeds, and origins. While all men may be created equal they most certainly do not end up that way. A human being is a product of genetics, environment, culture, religion, beliefs, education, training, and personal decisions. Some become outstanding specimens, others become worthless morally bankrupt parasites.

I’ve been around for nearly 50 years now and I’ve done/said some things I’m not particularly proud of – to those I’ve abused over the years, I hereby tearfully apologize (even though I know you’ve bashed me behind my back). Paula, I’m sorry you’ve lost all your airtime because the public holds you to a much higher standard than they adhere to but I will not miss your voice. Oh crap, I did it again! Oh well, at my age I’ll forget it before lunch.

Look in the mirror and ask yourself the hard questions. Still think she deserves what she’s getting? Then by all means pick up that rock.

**Update** 7/1/13
If Paula and her brother did and said the things that are being alleged then they deserve what they are reaping. However, disgruntled employees are at the very least capable of smear campaigns so I’ll wait until the case gets tried before passing judgement.

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