Obama’s War

by Steve on August 28, 2013

The shed has been a quiet little shack the last few. I haven’t found anything worthy of wasting energy on of late. Society seems hell bent on shredding the last ounce of decency left in the republic and I wanted no part of it but now the liberals have pulled me out of the shadows. All the ranting we’ve tolerated over the last decade regarding the evil Bush and his war on terror – where are the howling masses now? Their own man wants to pitch into someone else’s fight.

After all the pontificating he did during his run for the White House, the President wants to throw what’s left of our military into the midst of a civil war in Syria? I have to wonder which poll is telling him this is a good idea, worth some approval points, because I don’t see what we have to gain by bombing either side in this conflict. He wouldn’t act to save our own in Benghazi but it seems his media puppets have pushed him to save the Syrians from themselves. We have no allies in Syria. The Russian navy has sailed into the Med, the Iranians are itching for a fight, the Brits have said thanks but no, and the Israelis are on high alert. To make matters worse, the White House has announced our intentions. Might as well just send Hamas, Al Qaeda, et al a copy of the battle plan.

We would be walking into a tinder box with a lit flare. Just one spark is all it takes.

“Never interrupt your enemy when he is making a mistake.”    Napoleon Bonaparte

If we do send gray ships in harm’s way I pray that our leadership shows wisdom beyond previous measure and strikes swiftly, massively, and with all hell’s fury. There will be collateral damage, real or manufactured, and I wonder how the administration will spin the images of Tomahawk strikes against urban targets.

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