Harmony Database Exposes WMD Intentions

by Steve on April 12, 2006

The vast collection of captured documents from Saddam’s government continues to yield evidence of his intent to develop and deploy WMD. Open access to this library of evil via the internet is allowing anyone with a computer and the ability to read arabic to mine for gems. The intelligence community was and still is reluctant to open these documents for public inspection fearing that subsequent translations would be in error and result in misguided conclusions. However, the sheer mass of material would take the government years to sift through it. Why not enlist the help of citizens willing to use their skills and time to dig through the pile? The intelligence experts could then concentrate on validating civilian translations of the key finds. The following is from a post by blogger JVeritas on freerepublic.com who has been hard at work digging and translating:

In pages 63 and 64 of document Document CMPC-2003-002284 , there is secret and confidential memo dated September 16 1998 concerning a meeting of the National Monitoring Department to discuss how to destroy some “non necessary documents” and keep the necessary one in a safe place according to the memo but the most important part of the memo is a pareagraph on how to handle “The Researches That Cannot Be Declared and that is related with the previous Prohibited Programs of WMD and how to make sure that information about these researches will not leak to the outside because it will be too dangerous if this happened”. Yet another document that proves without any doubt that Saddam Regime never stopped working in his WMD programs and Research and they were just waiting for the opportune moment to produce these WMD again on a large scale.

That last sentence, JVeritas’ opinion and one I happen to share, pretty much sums it up. If you’re still in doubt, keep in mind UN inspectors were still in Iraq in September 1998. Big surprise: Saddam was not cooperating.

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