by Steve on June 14, 2006

Ain’t it great? Spent all last weekend attempting to install WordPress and it was the old computer tango: one step forward, forty the other way. As each obstacle was detected, examined, and overcome another would rise to take its place. I swear I could hear someone laughing through the computer speakers. No WordPress yet, it’ll just have to wait.

Sometimes I feel like there’s a black cloud following me around. Got tired of throwing parts at the manual transmission in my ’86 Jeep, found a rebuilt unit from a reputable guy on Ebay (Uh oh, that computer thing again). Good price, great reputation, 12 month warranty, fast shipping, looked brand new. But… something didn’t feel quite right. Got on the phone, told the seller what was happening, “all normal, put it in, it’ll be fine”. I can feel the doubt creeping in but he knows what he’s doing so I drop the powertrain from the clutch back, swap the transmissions, put it all back together again, and go for a drive. 2nd through 5th sound like a box of marbles. Towed it to the local off-road shop and let them handle the re-swap. The seller’s taking care of fixing it but all my work is down the tube.

Now the wife tells me that Outlook has vanished from the home computer. No desktop icon, nowhere to be found in Programs. Gone!?! How could this be? What did I do to deserve such pain and inconvenience?

Done bitching now. Hope your week is going better.

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