Fighting in the Desert

by Steve on July 13, 2006

No, not Iraq, Israel and it’s rather difficult to determine who is actually doing the fighting.  Things are pretty confusing in the sand box these days.  Heidi over at Euphoric Reality sums it up much better than I ever could:

We know that Iran owns Hezbollah, Syria gives them free reign across the land and houses their terror leaders, and Lebanon ‘elects’ Hezbollah terrorists to their government ministries. Then you’ve got Hamas terrorists being funded by Saudi Arabia and assorted other Arab nations. Hezbollah is Shi’a and Hamas is Sunni – and normally they’d hate one another and kill one another – except when united against their common enemy, Israel. All these little pieces are part of a bigger picture – and all of these smaller skirmishes are part and parcel of the bigger war.

…Which has been going on since the beginning of time in one form or another.  The entire region is unstable and has been for my lifetime plus some.  Haifa was hit by rockets hours after a threat by Hezbollah.  I’ve been to Haifa.  There was a time when it was deemed safe enough to serve as a port-of-call for US warships.  The FID pulled in twice while I was on deployment back in ’91.  Great place.  Even took a bus tour to Jerusalem but never made it to Bethlehem.  It was off limits.  Too dangerous – fighting was imminent.  And that was a fairly quiet period in the Middle East what with the first bombex in Iraq quickly completed.

Lex has a rather alarming perspective on it and he could well be right but do take into consideration that he’s still (I think) “haze gray and under-weigh” so his reasoning could be slightly askew.  (Just kidding – go read the whole thing!)

Perhaps I’m over-thinking this, but I’m kind of getting a sort of 1914ish sense that things are hurtling to some sort of dramatic conclusion, that miscalculations are being made in capitals all over the world. That it’s time for everyone to put the gun down and take a deep breath. Time to think it through. Consider the consequences.

John over at OPFOR offers a very well written analysis of the mess and then tops it off with a round-up of links and snippets that offer up the big picture.  Lots of material but do your homework so you can smartly filter out the crap that’s bound to start flying around shortly.  For continuing coverage visit Hot Air.  John has the link but I thought I’d include it just in case you’re short on time.  Seems Lex might be on target afterall.

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