Return of the Wanderer

by Steve on August 19, 2006

Left Gunnison, CO, Friday at approximately noon local and arrived back in Birmingham at 1500 Saturday (I think). Each “rig” had two drivers to alternate but the human body was never designed to spend 26 hours in a Suburban. Add the thrill factor of towing a jeep on a trailer over an 11,314′ pass in the continental divide and then crossing the plains amidst towering thunderstorms and you start to get an appreciation for the endurance involved.

The images from Where in the World II were taken as we traversed the Imogene Pass trail from Telluride to Ouray.


The expedition photographer, navigator, and scribe is on your left.

Amost 4,000 miles traveled on and off road with breakdowns limited to a mysterious missing trailer tail light and a faulty “range remaining” display in one of the tow vehicles. Yep, ran out of gas on the highway. Four passes over the mountains including the notoriously dangerous Schofield Pass from Crested Butte to Marble and no break-downs, just some overheating issues – engines on the climbs and brakes on the downhill sides.





The trip of a lifetime. More to follow after I get some much-needed sleep!

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