A New Contributor

by Steve on September 12, 2006

(Ed: Seems the brown boy has lots on his mind so I’ve given him his own slot here at The Wood Shed. We’ll see how this goes – can’t handle drool on the keyboard though.)


Oh yeah! I got tired of those simple dog tricks and convinced the Boss to let my try my paws on something more challenging. Any dog can Heel, Sit, Stay. I really don’t get that Fetch thing – if he’d quit throwing that fake duck, I wouldn’t have to go get it. Fetch, Fetch, Fetch – get your own darn paper! You need the exercise more than I do, fat boy. What? Step away from the computer? Whatsamatter, can’t take a joke? I’ve got some issues I want to float out there and see what my public thinks.

First, you’ve got three, count ’em, three dogs in this yard and I only see two rubber bones. There’s gonna be a fight, count on it. Get me my own bone.

Second, these two shaggy older brothers have some hygiene issues. The old guy keeps peeing on my house. MY HOUSE! Do you have any idea what it’s like to wake up first thing in the morning thinking it’s raining only to find a yellow leg hiked in your doorway. RUDE! And he’s the highly trained one!

You need to get to work? Take the laptop and go in the other room – I’m not quite finished here.

For those of you who don’t know me, check out the Dog Blogging category. I noticed it while Boss was clicking away the other day and thought, “If you’re going to have a Dog Blogging category then you need to have a dog doing the blogging.” Makes sense to me. A little background on the Moose-man: I’m a bad dog. That’s B.A.D. (Big Ass Dog). My theme song is Bad, Bad Leroy Brown by Jim Croce ’cause I’m BAD and brown. If the shoe fits…

Moose out. Got some chewin’ to do.

Paws up!

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