The Threat

by Steve on September 17, 2006

The Pope makes a speech in which he quotes an ancient text which did not paint Islam in a favorable light, referring to spreading Islam “by the sword.” His point was to condemn violence under the pretense of religion, any religion. What do you suppose was the predictable knee-jerk reaction?

Death threats. The vicious murder of a nun. Kidnapping a priest. Burning of churches. To those of you still deluded enough to think that diplomacy stands a chance with these animals, ask yourself one simple question: Would I be willing to go meet with these people face-to-face and engage in diplomatic dialog? If your answer is no then I sincerely suggest you re-evaluate your position. If you cannot defend your beliefs with action you certainly won’t be able to successfully defend them in a logical debate.

It’s the Vatican’s fault, it’s Bush’s fault, it’s a plot by the US and Israel, it’s global warming… John sums up the left’s rant quite nicely:

This lapse of judgment is striking. And telling. And unnerving. We need all Americans on board for this global fight against militant Islam. And yet, we cannot rely on the support of the anti-war crowd even when cheap thugs respond to the tiniest of offenses with the most terrible of crimes: murdering nuns and torching churches. Civilized society has barbarians at the gates, yet the towns folk would rather blame the gatekeeper than the invading hordes. Or tell us the Barbarians aren’t there.

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