Revenge of the Tigers

by Steve on October 15, 2006

Many sports commentators and fans predicted that Auburn would beat #2 Florida if for no other reason than to avenge their loss to Arkansas last week. And if you look at the outcome it would appear that they lived up to expectations – the score shows a 27-17 win in favor of Auburn. I know I’m going to be subjected to an overwhelming amount of Auburn gloating this coming week so I’ll just toss out there now and run for cover: Auburn didn’t win, Florida lost. But wait, you say, what’s the difference? A win is a win, right? Consider what the final score doesn’t show: it was a one-point game for most of the second half and Auburn’s offense failed to score a single touchdown. Other than a couple of field goals, all of Auburn’s points were made by the defense or special teams. Auburn got bumped up to #4 after Saturday’s game but if they really want to be a contender for the national championship they’re going to have to do more than rely on mistakes by their opponents.

auburn_smith.jpg(AP Photo/Rob Carr)

Still a bit early for the celebratory flip in the end-zone.

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