Where’s My Turkey?

by Steve on November 23, 2006


“Is that turkey on your breath? Where’s mine?!?”

“Hey…. HEY! Old man! Wake up! Where’s my bird? How ’bout a little snack, just a taste for the Moose, hmmmm??”

Ed: I darn near lost a hand doling out treats for three very competitive Labs. Happy Thanksgiving!

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Papa Ray November 23, 2006 at 23:35

Great picture. I love and have loved many Dogs, but now am too old to care for them as they should be. So I keep a small army of almost wild outside cats. Of which only one or two (if they are feeling social) will let me pet them. They get fed just enought to give them strengh to catch their own suppers.

When we too out the Scraps today, it was a real cat rodeo and fight. I ran for my camera and…no film.

Oh well, you would have had to seen it anyway to believe it.

Papa Ray
West Texas

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