Tag, I’m It

by Steve on December 27, 2006

Seems it’s going around. I’ve been “tagged” by Patrick and to play I must provide five things about me that you may or may not find particularly interesting. A cheap shot by the Air Force I’d say, but since he’s “over there” and I’m not I figured I’d play along and humor him 🙂

I was a not-so-exceptional student throughout high school (easy, Dad) and yet scored significantly higher on the SAT and ACT than I had any right to proving the parental theory that I had indeed been sandbagging all along.

My brother and I fought like cats and dogs growing up and now he’s a Veterinarian.

The summer after I graduated from college I had the privilege to sail from New York to the Azores, down to Bermuda, then back to New York as part of the crew on a 68′ yawl. Most memorable discoveries from the trip: it never gets completely pitch-black dark at sea (unless you’re trying to land on a carrier but that was years later), you can smell land long before you see it, bumping something of significant mass when the chart reveals that you’re in 3,000 feet of water will cure any desire for a swim break no matter how hot it is, and negotiating a right turn on a moped from the left side of the road with one eye closed is far more difficult than it would seem.

I duck-hunt because my dogs force me to (have you seen Moose lately?)

Amidst all the tools and sawdust in my garage resides a 16′ wooden canoe. It’s cleverly disguised as a stack of lumber but I find that the old Jeep fits in the bay much easier that way.

Well, that’s five as requested and now you know a bit more than you probably wanted to but you can blame it on Patrick. In keeping with the spirit of this whole thing I’m tagging Pinch since we haven’t heard much out of him lately what with the Tomcat gone and all of his border crossing activities. Maybe I can draw him out.

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Patrick December 28, 2006 at 0:48

Nicely played, Steve. And interesting about the “pitch-black” except landing on the ol’ boat and smelling land long before seeing it. Very interesting and thanks for sharing those tidbits.



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