Half Staff

by Steve on September 11, 2007

I had to run by the office this morning. On the way in, the radio station I was listening to was playing a tape containing ATC traffic from six years ago. Listening to the controllers and pilots as the events unfolded gave me chills and made me furious at the same time. The same feeling that I remembered vividly as I watched the towers fall and the Pentagon burn, wondering who I had lost personally.

By the time I pulled up at work I was numb. Habit took over as I executed the necessary steps to prepare myself for another day in the field. At a few minutes past 8:00 I happened to look out front and noticed that our prominently displayed flag pole was still bare. After finding our branch manager I asked, “Who has flag duty this morning?”

“I don’t know – is it not up?”

“No… and have them run it to the top then lower it to half staff.”

Questioningly looking at his watch he noted the date and quickly made the call.

As I pulled away from the building the names of those I lost six years ago, the near misses, and a save or two rolled through my mind. I glanced in the mirror and caught the image of the flag defiantly waving from its lowered position in honor of those we lost.

Forget? Not in my lifetime.

From Lex, who was at sea at the time:

“There’s going to be a fight.”

Go read the rest.

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