Armed Assault by Illegal Alien

by Steve on July 17, 2006

Pretty easy to guess my view on this one if you’ve been following my posts.  A construction worker at a subdivision in Ohio was asked to produce his papers documenting his status as a legal immigrant.  When he failed to produce any documents he was fired.  Ethical employer enforcing the law.  Well the former employee went and rounded up a bunch of his buds, armed up with three guns and several bats and returned to the site.

According to police, the suspects arrived and rammed the construction foreman’s truck with their vehicle, jumped out and damaged the truck with baseball bats, then sought out the foreman and rushed him. At that time they displayed the handguns and fired 10 to 12 shots in the direction of the foreman and another employee, James Parsons Jr., who was coming to the foreman’s aid.

Shackle ’em, send them down to Arizona to build the fence, and when they’re done, throw ’em back over it.  Michelle’s got more.

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