Lightening the Mood

by Steve on April 18, 2007

Dogs love trucks. Must be true – I saw it on TV the other night. Anyhowse, I bummed a ride the other day (how-to tip for my fans: act indifferent and then blow through the gate when they’re not expecting it, get real close to the truck and get that wild look in your eye that tells him he’s mere seconds from paws on paint and that door will be open in a flash). Saw a sign for a local U-pick berry farm and got to thinking. Turds are popular these days what with the recent blockbuster “Flushed Away” so I made a sign for the gate:

Moose’s Turd Farm – we bake ’em, you pick ’em

Ed: You make that happen and you can move inside.

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Deborah Aylward April 28, 2007 at 19:11

While I relize that “Steve” has lots to do every day, please know that Moose is the STAR (as well as his two brothers(?)).`Course I`m only a loon, so what do I know.

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