Cutwater Marine Services

by Steve on January 4, 2015

Shameless self-promotion: my most recent venture is about to go live (months behind schedule thanks to all the flaming hoops presented by local government)!

Cutwater Banner

Located at 646 Russell Road, Alexander City AL, in the heart of the demolition zone that used to be the old Russell Mills complex, Cutwater offers on-trailer boat storage to the Lake Martin area as well as wooden boat maintenance.  It is also the new home for Ambrose Canoe Company – we finally have our own shop with plenty of room to spread out!  The 30,000 square-foot building has a separate space that we have dedicated as a woodworking shop plus lots of space for secure storage and a dedicated paint room to control dust issues. The facility is fully protected with a sprinkler system and a security system.

Once the external grading is complete there will be a fenced front lot for secure pick-up and drop-off of boats allowing for after-hours operations.  All maneuvering within the building will be done by Cutwater staff.

All the information can be found at the new site:

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